In the beginning…


Painting. I remember feeling comfortable almost immediately as a child. I remember long hours in my room, drawing and painting. I never gave it much thought. Just something to do. When I began high school there were 3 electives to choose from, music, gymnastics and art. I wanted to do the gymnastics so badly but I have scoliosis and wore a brace so that wasn’t going to happen and music I knew was not my “thing” so I settled on the art elective.

I remember that first day of art class. Sr. Providence was very cheerful and encouraging. She said we were all her famous artists. I learned so much from her in my four years but I didn’t realize it until years later… maybe not really until now.

She is the reason I went to art school in NYC. She hand picked the school. She hand picked assignments for my portfolio… she mounted everything… got me ready. Wrote a letter to my parents to insist I go to art school and not to a “regular college” with an art program. I have yet to know what was in that letter.

It’s been over twenty years since that first class in high school. I’ve had a very good career as a freelance art director but I always had that feeling that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. Something was tugging at me and it ate away at me like an ulcer.

Over the past year, I have had to live with a horrible trauma that caused me much emotional pain. As awful as it was to be in that much pain and suffer so much, it has caused me to grow in ways I would have never otherwise. Everything else was stripped away and I really saw my own truth. I went to the store and bought my supplies and I’ve been painting all year. I have found my passion again.  I hope to share my journey of creative providence with you.



  1. This was quite a comment and I hope everything is O.K. now. But I have to say if it brought you to your real calling then hopefully it was a lesson worth living no matter the pain. Hopefully we will see you soon. Luv ya cuz

  2. Yes things have leveled off. And in retrospect I needed the shock to the system to wake me up. So it’s all good.

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