The life of a painting.

I painted his of my beloved dog Lucy last year. I sat her down and took dozen of photos of her to find just the right angle to capture her “Lucyiness”. She was incredibly patient during the many photo shoots. I was happy that I painted her and had these nice paintings to show in my portfolio. What I didn’t expect was that they would provide me with a tremendous comfort when she was gone. This past Sunday Lucy became ill suddenly and during the horrible storm that was knocking down trees and power lines and causing the Passaic river to overflow my poor husband battled the storm to get Lucy to the 24 emergency vet at 3am. After some initial tests they said she had cancer all over and we should come say our good byes…   she was my best friend for the last 12 years thru thick and thin. I can’t even believe she’s not here, but when I look at this painting and the others I’ve done, I can remember her fondly and feel like my friend will always be near. Her life is over but her paintings will live on. For that small comfort I am incredibly grateful. To the best dog ever….



  1. And here I thought I would actually get through work today without crying. I’m still numb, empty, cold, and the paintings you’ve done capture her so well, that it pains me to look at them right now. All they do are remind me that she’s not here any more. In time, I know I will appreciate them dearly, since they hold her spirit. Right now, they just make me cry. But they are my favorites of yours, and yes, she was the best dog ever…

  2. She is so cute! I am sorry for your loss. Sleep well gorgeous Lucy…

  3. Sad. She looks so cute and peaceful.

    I like to paint things related with the subject of my sadness. It helps me to understand better the situations, etc.. by the way this paint is very nice
    My best wishes for you

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