Positive Energy

Everything changes and everything stays the same. As my freelance graphic design gig winds down and I face the spectre of unemployment, my fine art career has taken some very hopeful turns of late. My “Somewhere in Italy” was accepted into “The Art of Landscape 2010” out in Los Angeles. A local coffee shop, The Fine Grind has offered to display my work for the month of May. I just finished a very successful dog commission for a neighbor. Today someone ordered a print of my Michael Jackson painting from Etsy.com.

Things are changing and moving. Each day has been bringing me a new gift and my future is unfolding in such unexpected ways since I made the decision to go down this path. I’m so grateful for the things that are happening and I wake up each day wondering what will be in store for me next. Sometimes the unexpected combination of things makes for a beautiful result, like Gaudi’s architecture and mosaics. Follow your bliss and good things happen. I’m a firm believer and am living it these last few weeks. On to the next moment of bliss…



  1. I totally agree, and wonderful that you are having such successes. I love your paintings and your styles! I love all the yummy colour! Keep up the great work, i’m adding you to the blog roll!! 🙂

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