The Time You Have

People often say to me, “Where do you find the time to paint?” And to be truthful, in the past I’ve asked that same question of other artists before I started to paint myself.  Now the question seems strange to me. Find? As if I’m have to go look for something. We only have the time that we have in this life. No more or less than the time we are given.  It’s a matter of choice of what to make of that time.  Sure we all have families and jobs and responsibilities that need to be attended to but we always have a choice. I’ve heard some people lamenting about how they don’t have time and everything else keeps getting in the way and their dreams get dashed, so on and on…  This weekend I had my son’s drum recital, a baseball game, a Cinco de Mayo party and my other son’s communion party, etc. in less that 48 hours. This painting of New Zealand was done in the middle of all of that. How do I “find” the time to do this? I simply made the choice. I can relax on the sofa and look at the sale page for JCrew for the billionth time or watch a movie or sleep or anything else that doesn’t seem too taxing after a busy day OR I can go down to the basement and paint. You have to WANT it and be hungry for it otherwise it simply won’t happen. No one has to “find” the time. They have to find the “will” to make the most of the time they have.


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