How is my famous artist today?

Being a new artist, relatively speaking, I find that entering shows and contests is a good way to keep focus and get some exposure. I cruise looking for shows that might choose my work. I have often wondered what my ultimate goal is by creating my art. What would make me feel successful and accomplished? I try to visualize what that would be. I have a show going at my local coffee shop. The reception was a couple of Saturdays ago. It was great fun with my friends. The arts council chairperson from town stopped by and was very complimentary, which I greatly appreciated. But I still don’t feel satisfied and have a fire in my belly, so to speak, for something more. So, another juried show caught my eye, but this time in Chelsea, in the gallery district in NYC. I checked out the juror and his landscapes are on the realistic side, and I feel maybe, just maybe, he might be drawn to my work. So I mailed out my entry this morning. Then I started to think “what if” I was accepted into this show, what if I actually had art hanging in Chelsea! I started to get goose bumps and my breath quickened. Whether I get into this show or not, I think I know where I want to go.



  1. You words have past through my brain many times since I decided to emerge as an artist at the age of 56. What do I want to do with my art, recognition and accolades are wonderful. Having my work hang in galleries and being purchased is exhilarating to say the least. Gaining clients for our Labor Of Love Pix – fine art portraits is fabulous but when will I really feel it is worth the time and effort – of entering juried competitions and hunting for galleries that think my images are captivating…
    Daily, when I pick up my camera and stop time in it’s tracks.
    It’s the connections to people that makes my work “hum” for me. When my images are hanging on walls (outside my house) and people pause to think, sometimes talking to me about the emotions they feel when they view my “Inner Sanctum series” or “The beauty beyond breast cancer”. Then I feel successful.
    You do that with your paintings, the colors bring out emotions, the places – bring about memories in some and desires in others.
    Keep up the good work Christine, you’ll go where your art leads you.
    Wishing you much success and happiness in creating.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words Mary. This journey is so much fun no matter when you start. The thought of life without my art at his point seems so dull. I’m so grateful to have found my passion. And I’m equally happy for you that you found yours. Better late then never. You images capture so much about life and feeling that maybe when you were younger you wouldn’t have been able to see. Your “artist” came out when she was ready and we are all benefiting. Best of luck to you!

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