The Struggle

So, last night when I was painting what I thought was going to be a simple landscape, I began to struggle a bit.  I chalked it up to being really sore from cutting the hedges and scraping down and repainting the front railing earlier in the day. I was about to throw in the towel, but I started to think about what makes my paintings “my paintings”. Was I channeling my inner Bob Ross or was I creating something distinctly “me”? I put some music on and changed my mood and stopped my inner whining about my sore muscles. I stopped “trying” to paint and I painted – making marks that felt right instead of thinking too much. Feeling good while I paint is just as important as the final result, and I believe the two are directly related. Whether the result was successful or not, I’m still not sure, but I feel at peace knowing I was true to myself.

I believe I turned a corner with coming into my own and developing my own distinct style. But more importantly, I think I was actually able to recognize it. I’m curious how this will translate going forward. I guess I’ll have to keep going to find out. More paintings coming soon!

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  1. Gorgeous! Your style comes out no matter what your mood, but it becomes more and more dstinctive. Love it! CS

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