Another New Beginnings End

Yesterday was the last day at my long standing “freelance” job. My office closed up shop and all my co-workers went their separate ways. I suppose I’ve never really done endings very well. It was a day of good-byes and farewells. I didn’t know how I was going to feel on the last day (we all knew it was coming for 3 months).Ā  For the most part, yesterday, I just felt sort of awkward and strange. It’s a weird thing, that I won’t be seeing those familiar faces everyday after seeing them for the last two and a half years. You tend to get into people’s heads. I was more attached than I realized. I woke up this morning teary eyed and very sad.Ā  I would have to work from home on my freelance design and perhaps paint some more. Something I’ve always wanted to do but now doesn’t seem nearly as appealing knowing I can’t just pop in an say hello to my friends if I’m lonely.

This painting was for my boss who has a love affair with a racetrack in Connecticut. I wish him and everyone good things for the future. Endings are sad but they are usually followed by new beginnings.



  1. Life’s journey – I try to stay in touch with TRU people and pop in for lunch every now and again. Taking a stroll down the halls in search of familiar faces that actually brighten when I stop in front of their cubes. But it is increasingly more difficult because they are so busy. Cyberspace has made it a lot easier to connect.
    Working from home takes an adjustment period. Enjoy your time!

  2. Thanks so much Will. Happy you are my groupie. šŸ˜‰

    And you are very right Mary! I just have to get into a routine. Napping midday is probably not the best way to use my time.

  3. hello!

    i would like to tell me how did you get to be painter and sell your own pictures.. i would be very pleasured if you say anything about it… šŸ™‚

    thank you so much,


    • Hello Leihotik,
      As a child I always drew and painted a little. I took a few lessons here and there. I went on to art school for college and did quite a bit of painting. I left painting behind and went into commercial art/graphic design to pay the bills, so to speak. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve made that decision. A few years ago I was going thru a rough time so I decided to pick up my brushes again. I was just painting as my own personal therapy. And someone on facebook saw my painting and bought one and since then I’ve sold quite a few paintings. I am certainly not living off the sale of my paintings but that would be a great goal. That would be my dream. My advice would be just keep painting and get your art out there as much as possible. The more it’s seen, the better chance of it being sold. Good luck and thank you for your interest in my art.
      Best Wishes,

      • thank you so much,
        I’ve also been painting all my life and now I’m finishing Architecture in the university… But, I would like to live painting šŸ™‚

        Thank you so much for this post!

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