Real ART.

In the past, I have thrown paint on a canvas in hopes that something abstract and amazing would happen, but more often then not, it became a mess. I never really felt comfortable not making “something” – a landscape, a cat, a dog, a room. A “something” has a visual reference. For me, it’s a matter of feeling authentic, that I’m putting a part of myself out there. If I’m just “faking it,” or trying to make it look like a trend, it just feels so incredibly wrong. I have recently seen quite a few art friends find success with abstracts. So, I thought maybe I should give it another shot. Above you can see my first serious attempt. I don’t think it’s bad, but I think I need to do it some more to flush out a “style,” per se.  Still not sure it’s really “me.”

This morning I showed my abstract to the kids. My little one (7) looked for maybe 15 seconds, then clapped proclaiming it a success. The big one (8) looked for a bit longer, made a face, and then stated that he could accomplish the same results if he just threw some paint around. I would say I used to agree with him, but after many failed half-hearted attempts, I think there is a flaw in that logic. This is my theory: If I’m in the right head space, I will be able to reproduce good results. If I’m not, then I would say a disaster will ensue. The only way to test my theory is to keep painting.  Stay tuned for more on the abstract experiment!



  1. i feel the same way about abstract yet also want to try it on… alot of people love it…. i can understand why sometimes, but most of the time, i need to recognise what i’m looking at. I like your first try, its pretty darn good!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! And the fact that this painting sold this morning doesn’t hurt either!

  2. Sold!!? Wow good going! Your paintings always have that extra spark though, so not really surprising, it’s good like I said. I was asked to do something abstracty for a commission piece and it has me a bit scared to do lol. And I meant to mention before that this one reminded me of a photograph that someone had blurred heaps.. perhaps thats the key to getting my head around it and giving it a (successful) go!

    • I looked at a photo while I painted this. First I blurred everything out in photoshop. Lots of filters etc just to “wrap my head” around it. It really helped even though it really doesn’t look anything like it. Somehow I needed the security blanket. Take the dive and throw caution to the wind. What’s the worst that can happen? You gesso over and start again. 😉 You know how to compose and use color well so it’s really not that hard. I have faith in you! I look forward to seeing what you do!

  3. I dig this one, sister. I dig them all. This one’s cool because you can kinda see things in it. Good work on all these.

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