So, this morning I emerged from my studio with the above abstract. My older son (8) said, “I could do that!”  I responded with, “Then why don’t you try!”  I felt vindicated because I knew after some struggle with this piece, it was my 20-some-odd-years of working as an artist/designer that helped me find the balance of color and composition to make this painting work. It wasn’t some random accident that the piece turned out well.  It actually started off vertical, but it just wasn’t working, so I took up as much paint as I could with rags, turned the canvas 90 degrees, and I started anew.

This second piece has made me more aware of how essential the eye of the artist must be sharp to create a good abstract. I had to repeat many mantras I learned in art school while I worked on this piece – “Don’t muddy the colors, watch the balance, watch the contrast, etc.” It really was an exercise for all the things I know but have never applied to this genre. I felt challenged, yet thrilled when I knew I was done, because it finally felt right. The feeling of “Ahhh” instead of frustration. The earth is shaking a bit as I move in this new direction. I can only imagine the journey that has just begun.


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