The last time I was in Connecticut, I saw David Dunlop’s work in a gallery. His stuff is so great. I bought his instructional DVD, which somehow, puts me to sleep every time. I’m not sure why. He’s very entertaining and informative. Literally, I have attempted to finish the DVD 3 times, and each time I fall asleep. I have developed guilt over it, so I haven’t put the DVD on again to finish it.  Maybe, I feel I’m offending him somehow even though he can’t possibly see me dozing on the sofa and the man has no idea of my existence. But, I digress. He recommends that if you are going to paint with acrylics that you use Golden brand acrylic paints.

I have always looked at the tubes in the art store and wondered why they were twice the price of the Liquitex. I figured they must be better, but I just couldn’t fork over the cash on tubes that were $6-$13 each. So, after watching some of David’s  DVD, I was convinced I should at least try. I went on Ebay and found a 6-pack starter set and won it for about $20. Victory!  And oh, were these paints so much better!!! Like butter! And the pigments were so vibrant. Now I was hooked, but I still couldn’t justify the extra cash. The universe is kind, however, and Jerry’s Art Outlet announced a seminar…..on Golden acrylic paints!

So, tonight I went – and the presenter was very good at explaining the various uses of paints, gels, mediums, varnishes, color mixing, pigments etc. It was all good stuff to know. To top it off, they even handed out a 20% off coupon……on Golden paints……as well as a little goody bag.

After the seminar was over, I bought 6 colors I didn’t have, gels, mediums, and varnishes. I loaded up. I plan on doing some exploration with all of this new stuff!  I’m very excited! Hopefully, this will further me along my abstract path. Stay tuned!


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