I know I haven’t written in a long time. Some times we forget that there are others out there interested in reading what we write.

A few weeks ago, I was traveling back from Connecticut. It had rained all day and had been pretty miserable out. On the ride home, the sun started to peek out, and since it was really late in the day, I noticed the sun hitting the wet trees at a really low angle. I’d never seen anything like it. It took my breath away. The painting I’ve posted above is based on that moment where time stopped for me.

I’ve often dreamed of going somewhere else to paint (not just plein air for a few hours), and soak in a new environment for an extended stay. I’ve always been envious of artists who spend half the year in a different place. I thought I would never be able to do that with kids, family and financial responsibilities. But then I found – this great site that gives creative types with an idea or a dream a platform to get their message out and raise money for their project. The best part is that whoever pledges money really becomes part of the project, because they receive great pledge gifts for their donations and updates on the progress of the project. It’s a great place for people with ideas to explore new ways of doing things, and for those that appreciate and support the arts.

Now, I have created my very own Kickstarter project. I am planning on going up to Connecticut where I was so inspired the last time and spend the month of August painting. I’m just asking for a little help with supplies and expenses etc. I’m footing most of the bill myself.  If you ever wanted to support the arts but didn’t know how, here’s a great way! Now, the catch: If I don’t reach my goal, then I don’t get any of the money at all!! So, please support me if you can.

Check out my project on kickstarter here:


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