Happy Colors!

I find myself looking at the current ab ex work that is out now. And there is some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some very mediocre and in between.  One thing I notice is, for the most part everyone is using a very similar color palette. Blue and grey or maybe black and white with a dash of red, very neutral. I don’t see very much bright color. I have to wonder why that is? Is it because your average person is afraid of a lot of color, so artists are matching the universal couch? Are they all just looking at each other’s stuff and mirroring? Or is bright color just too hard to take in your house on a daily basis? I recently heard a comment through the grapevine, that my work was very good but “not my color palette”.

My studio is in the basement of my home. I have two large windows so it’s not that dark but still not really bright. It was such a nice day on Saturday, so I took my painting out into the daylight. I thought a change of scenery might do me good. I started my painting with my usual bright palette and really started to hate the colors in the bright sun. I began to be concerned that maybe i was missing out on something. I began to think about why I felt that way. Was I reacting to outside forces or did I really not like the brights anymore? I found myself repeating the “not my color palette” in my head like a broken record. I guess I was letting someone else into my head space. I returned to the basement.

Painting with bright emotive color makes me happy. I have to be true to who I am. If it doesn’t match someone’s couch, why should I care? Where’s that tube of Vat Orange? 😉


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