Moving on up!

Yay! I made my goal for my Kickstarter project. I’m so grateful to everyone who pledged and helped get the word out! Thanks so much to all of you!

Yesterday, I packed up most of my studio and headed north to Connecticut. I’m going up for the month with the family to paint and relax and enjoy some quality time. But mostly to change my location and be inspired by those beautiful Litchfield Hills! I don’t take possession of the rental until Monday so a friend is storing my stuff until then. I have to have all my paintings at the ready incase something sells from UGallery and I have to ship it. Now I’m back in Jersey to pack up the rest of my stuff, the kids, the husband and the dog! It’s going to be a busy few days!

I looked at some potential gallery spaces for a show while I was up there. There is one I have my heart set on but we’ll see what the outcome is! It’s a cute little store front with a fantastic old door with arched glass. Fingers crossed!

Until next time!


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