Yesterday, I spent the day wandering around. Looking in antique shops, art galleries and local color. I attended an art opening as well. The artists were fabulous, Virginia Lavado & Camilo Rojas, a husband and wife team. I fell in love with the space, The ReInstitute. A big old barn, in the middle of farmland right outside of Millerton, NY. I found myself in the lower level of the barn, looking at the owner’s sculptures made from cardboard. Henry Klimowicz’s work took my breath away. So unique. I didn’t know you could create that many textures and hues just using cardboard. The theme of the day seemed to be subtle colors. I went to bed thinking about that.

This morning, I woke up early and got to finishing a painting I had started the day before. I looked out into the low clouds and the beautiful filtering light. Again, the theme of subtle color struck me. I started to mix and tone down my greens on my palette. I’m rather pleased with the result. “Haze” 40 x 40. Acrylic on Canvas.



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