Strange But Beautiful Day.

Today was a beautiful day, a little odd but still a beautiful day. Its was bright, sunny and not humid at all. Just right, you could say. But, there were these big grey ominous clouds that kept rolling in and out, threatening to rain on my painting parade. I kept watching them and, I think, they kept watching me.  Eventually, their form ended up in my painting. I had intended to pick up the palette I had seen on a design blog but the clouds had other ideas.

I’ve had some challenges so far on this painting trip. First off, my easel decided it was done moving up and down. It would stay in a fixed position from now on. This has caused me to paint standing up. Then the other day, my squirt bottle got jammed and it also stopped working. First I started to just throw water on the canvas but today I loaded a brush with water and just let it drip down. A little different effect but I ended up preferred it.

People often ask me, “How do you know when the painting is done?” Normally I respond with “You just know.” Today it wasn’t like that at all. I was staring and staring at my painting. Not sure if I should change this or that.  I got a final opinion from a passing bird. His contribution was removed but I got the message, it was done. 😉

Strange day but beautiful day. Nebula. 48 x 48. Acrylic on Canvas.

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