Fasten Your Seatbelts! Turbulance Ahead!

Hurricane Irene caused me to lose a week of my Ct painting trip because I had to come back to prepare and then clean up after the storm. And quite suddenly, my circumstances changed right before I left so, in a whirlwind I had to sell my house and buy another in NJ. In the middle of all the hurricane activities, I had to begin to pack up my house. Yesterday, I was feeling very frustrated that I was not painting as much as I would like and not in Ct, where I really wanted to be. I just left all the boxes etc and broke out my paints. I gesso’d over an old canvas and went for it. I think this work conveys all the turbulence I’m feeling in my life right now.  I’m back to Ct tomorrow for the last long weekend of the trip! I hope to get some good work done and then pack up and say good bye to my second home… I will miss you Salisbury, Ct.


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