As the days go by, and the stress level gets higher with legalities and packing for the move in three weeks, my occasional vertigo is now pretty constant. Feeling a little wobbly when I get up and down out of chairs etc. I guess you can say I’m really a dizzy blonde. 😉  I’m going to have to make a more concerted effort to relax and decompress.

My painting has been a good outlet for all the tension I’m feeling. I think it’s pretty obvious in the last couple of paintings. I’m finding that vibrant color combinations are conveying my strong emotions of late. Subtle just isn’t cutting it!  I have to admit I’m kind of liking it.

This is the last weekend in Ct. I’ll be back in New Jersey on Sunday when I’ll start on my book to chronicle my painting trip to Connecticut’s Litchfield county. (And pack another 50 box of stuff!!)


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