Far Away Memories

Sometimes inspiration comes at unexpected moments. I was feeling a bit bored with my abstracts of late. I am distracted with the redecoration of my new home so I chalked up my wavering interest in painting to that.

I had started this painting in Connecticut. I didn’t have time to finish it before I left to come back to NJ. It’s been in storage at my mom’s house for the last two months after our move. I started to putter around with it, having no idea which direction I was going in. My mind was lingering on Monet. My english teacher in high school had a poster up of Monet’s garden in Giverny. Bored out of my mind I used to stare at that poster. I would find myself living in that painting. Not sure why I was thinking about that but when I stepped back from what I thought was an abstract, I saw a beautiful landscape with trees, water, sky and maybe a few goldfish.

I’m thinking I need to explore this more.

Amnesia. 36 x 36. Acrylic on Canvas.


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