The Mystery of Creation

The artist’s process is usually quite fascinating to most who have a genuine interest in art. I was watching an interview with an artist (ok, it was Joan Mitchell, again) and they asked her “What happens to you when you paint?” She half smiled and said “My hands get pretty dirty.” It made me think about what happens to me when I paint. Could I answer that question any better?

I open a new canvas, usually, unless I’m feeling very austere, then I gesso an old one. I prop up the canvas on the easel and then stare at my colors for a while. I eventually paint something but I don’t know what happens from the staring at the paint to the final painting. If I didn’t take the occasional video of the process I’d have no idea. And to be truthful it always seems as though I’m watching a stranger when I review the video after. I don’t know who that person is that is painting. For example, I’m in love with my last painting (above) and the more I stare at it, the more intimidated I become. I can’t compete with “her”, the one who painted it. Pretty nutty, huh?

I feel grateful for how this last painting turned out. Today, I will be trying to get up my nerve to sit in front of my paints and see if I can’t get that “girl'” to come out again


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