Face the Wall!

My art hero, Joan Mitchell always gave the advice to other artists to turn their completed canvases to the wall. I have a hard time doing this. I like to feed off of my last creative high. I’m wondering if that’s a good thing. It seems to inspire me for a few paintings and then I end up hating that style and then I can’t make a solid judgement about the current painting. I’m in love for the first new work, the second work is usually nice and the love continues… then half way through the third painting I’m ready to kick my new lover out of bed with disgust! It’s a vicious cycle that keeps spinning. I beginning to wonder if isolating myself from my last work would break the spell. I’m in hate mode right now so I have to start new.  When I fall in love again I’m hoping I can remember to take some distance and not let my new love burn out in a fireball!

Above is my last work that falls into the category of the third of three. I am turning them all to the wall and starting fresh! Here we go again!



  1. I like Mitchell’s advice to working artists that you’ve referenced above. Why not view your art as ‘work,’ something you must do to sustain your existence whether you like it or not? The love/hate relationship you have with your paintings is ephemeral. The result of a project involving time and effort should be respected and understood, though subject to criticism. Bottom line: you are free to interpret your paintings however you wish. (Since you are producing works which are beautiful to many people, I think your approach to your work is fine.)

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