Mix It Up!

Last Monday night was my first foray into the world of teaching art. Outside of being pressured into teaching religious education to young kids in high school, I have no real teaching experience. When Pencilworks Studio approached me about teaching an abstract painting class, I was a little uneasy but Jerry  & Karen Winick (owners of Pencilworks) were very reassuring and said I just have to share what I know. That must mean they think I know something! That gave me some much needed confidence.

As it turns out, the class was a lot of fun. One nice thing that happened, was that as my students asked me how to mix this color or that color I felt the urge to mix my own colors when I got back to my studio.  I have been quite lazy about mixing I must admit. I truly enjoyed the give and take of the class and am looking forward to next week. “Terrarium”  (the painting above) was based on the colors of my new little terrarium from Sea & Asters. I love the journey of creativity. You never know what will inspire you but it’s so wonderful when it does.



  1. Very beautiful painting! Glad to hear that you are passing your creative knowledge on to others.

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