Paying It Forward

What a wonderful class we had last night. The students did so well and really had lovely paintings to show for their efforts. I had everyone bring in an inspirational picture. Something to take color or layout from. I brought a picture of some gerber daisies which inspired my doodle above. It seemed that the students benefited from watching me paint. Maybe it was the bigger canvas paper that I handed out? More room seems to make one feel freer. A small canvas can be intimidating.

Next week, we are going to copy a master’s painting. I told everyone to do some research and find an abstract painting that they love and bring in a picture of it. They can copy that. I will have to bring in one myself. Any suggestions on which one I should attempt to copy?



  1. Beautiful painting and a great idea for a theme.

    I hate a small canvas myself! The bigger the better.

  2. Love the freedom of your brush work, you know when to stop a painting… Colors are some off my favorites.
    Charlie and I offen spoke of your talent . Its so nice to see your true passion revealed.

    • Thanks so much Catherine! I always envied you and Charlie that you were able to spend time drawing and painting. I felt so trapped by design. I’m thrilled to be able to do what I love. Please say hello to Charlie for me. Hope you are both well.

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