Message In a Bottle

I think it’s a wonderful time in history to be an artist. There are so many opportunities out there to show your work and be seen. For example, I pinned my last painting to Pinterest and within a few minutes ten people had repinned it. Off it went into cyberspace to be viewed by a unknown number of strangers. Every time I post a painting I wonder what life it will have, who will see it and what the reaction will be.

Every artist dreams of bigger and better things. If people buy their art it makes it possible to continue making art. Every “bottle” I send out into the cyber ocean brings me closer to realizing my dream. It only takes the right person at the right moment to view one of my paintings for everything to change. It’s such an exciting prospect. It’s a good time to be an artist.



  1. I like your comparison of the Internet to sending your paintings out into the ocean in a bottle… There’s no knowing where your images will go through the various sites and networks. Yep, it’s an amazing time for creatives. They can promote their work with tons of opportunities. Looks easier than slapping up photocopies on telephone poles and walls around town. Best of luck with your messages in bottles!

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