Following the Crowd


I have been spending a lot of time looking at some very popular art sites. I have to admit it had me questioning what I’m doing. I was left feeling rather off the mark to some degree. Like I was not “with it”. Should I be incorporating something geometric and monochromatic into my work? Should I add chevrons or diamond patterns to my paintings? Maybe some quirky figures?

After a few hours of being in a funk, I decided that I just have to do my own thing otherwise my work isn’t my work anymore. It will certainly evolve and change but I want that to happen organically, not because I have to be like everybody else. As my uncle used to tell me “Be a leader, not a follower.” I really hated that phrase all through my teen years but I’m coming to appreciate more in my old age. 😉


1 Comment

  1. It is always good to do your own thing… I mean isn’t that part of why you are an artist? You and I have talked about funks… they come and they go. Keep doing your thing, Christine 🙂

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