The last week or so I have been in a funk. Not interested in painting and generally feeling a bit lost. The doubt started to creep in. That dark ugly doubt that eats whole worlds and devastates the soul. Then my allergies started up and I was just a pathetic sad sack.

After a few encouraging pep talks from friends and family, (ok so a few of those talks were more like “Get off your ass and go paint something!”) I forced myself in front of the easel. I decided I should think of something happy. What’s happier than daffodils? There are blooming and giggling in my garden so I thought I would focus on them. I put on some good music and out they came on to the canvas. That certainly shot me right out of my funk! At least for me, painting cures most of what ails me. Sometimes I forget that.



  1. Another beautiful painting has entered the world. My attention is drawn to what I take to be the sky at the top in purple-white contrast with glowing yellow flowers. If only we viewed everyday stuff like this, like you do here, Christine, we would be living in beauty. Maybe we are and don’t realize it?

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