Letting Go


I’ve been reading “The Man Who Quit Money” recently. I’m about half way through. It’s a very thoughtful book about society and our relationship with money.

I have been feeling a bit edgy lately. Feeling this pressure to paint in a way that I haven’t felt before. It’s been a struggle for me to sit down and work which has never been a big issue for me. I have an upcoming art fair at the Montclair Art Museum in Montclair, NJ on June 2nd.  All the work being offered has to carry a price tag of $500 or less. I don’t have a lot of work at that price point, so I have been working over the last couple of months, on and off, to create smaller pieces for this fair. But as time gets closer, I feel more and more pressure to complete small pieces. Ideally, I’d like about 15 pieces. I know that’s no big deal for me so what is all this inner angst about? Last night, as I was reading the book it hit me. I was getting all wrapped up in “having to make money” and not concentrating on my true purpose, making art. I need to take money off my radar. If I’m doing what I love and in the zone then the money comes. It’s a none issue.

Today, I will let all that ugly money business go and just concentrate on what I’m supposed to, making art.



  1. Good self awareness there. I find that if I am focusing on money, it’s generally about underlying fear. For me, knowing this helps. Sometimes the fear just dissipates with the awareness. I can also direct it into painting.

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