Days Instead of Hours

When I started painting I was very focused on how long it took to paint something. I was so proud when it didn’t take very long. “I painted that in 3 hours!!” I was in such a hurry to get to the end. The rushing, rushing, rushing, to get the high from a finished piece was so addicting.

I’m finding that now it takes me days to finish a painting. I start it and then walk away. Another day passes, and I spend a while putting in more layers. And another day passes and I add all the things that bother me as I go in and out of my studio. It’s time spent studying the composition and altering as I go in different light and different moods. Sometimes, I get antsy because I want a finished product but I find slowing down brings better results.

It’s the process that brings more enjoyment now, not so much the end. I love to paint and that’s the part that has to keep going.


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