Inspiration comes from so many different places. It sometimes hits you in the face and sometimes sneaks in to hide and pops out when you least expect it.

I spent a good amount of time working on two paintings at once last week. As I painted, I had a surreal experience of seeing my inspirations come through one at a time, like a slide show on my canvas. At one point, I almost thought I’d have to phone a painter friend of mine because the work looked too similar, but just as fast as it appeared, it disappeared under the layers of paint.

It all started by looking at the work of Federico Saenz-Recio. I just adored the pink so I bought a few tubes and let it see where it took me. The pieces started off taking a lot of inspiration from him, then paintings started to go in all kind of directions, from Joan Mitchell, to some of the friend painters to previous versions of myself to the end result. I little left from my center. I am anxious to push myself beyond the work I’m currently producing. So looking forward to starting my residency at the School of Visual Arts on July 10th. I want a good kick in the butt to get this party started already! Bring on the inspiration.

I’m going to the Open Studios at SVA this coming Thursday for my first dose. Can’t wait to see what the first round of residents got out of the experience.


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