Letters from over the edge…

So, I’ve heard that once you leave NYC you fall off the cultural cliff into an abyss of ordinary. During my child rearing exile here in the suburbs of New Jersey, I feel this old saying acutely. When I paint in my home studio, I feel like I must be the only artist on this side of the river. Everyone else is 20 or 30 miles away in a loft space in Brooklyn, Right?

Wrong. I have been passing a sign, for almost a year, that offers loft space in an old factory. Last week, I finally decided to call and get a look at these lofts. Apparently, less than a mile from my house, there are artists working in these lofts!! (see available loft below) I’m not quite ready to get a loft space yet (great incentive to apply for a grant) but what a feeling knowing that I wasn’t alone.

Next week, I begin my residency at the School of Visual Arts! Looking forward to a new chapter. I’ll take some pictures and keep you posted. I’m hoping for a dramatic new direction in my work and my career. Stay tuned!


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