Empire State of Mind

So last week, I managed to get into Chelsea to see the show put on by the first session of the SVA residency program. I wanted to get into a “Empire State of Mind” since I’m going to be spending the next five weeks working in a Chelsea studio space at SVA.

Back in my college days, I didn’t have nearly the same focus that I do now. I was rather aimless and just wanted to get a degree, so I could start working and making money. Certainly, I created some fabulous art but I didn’t seem to be aware of my own power or talent. I was under the impression that I would never make it in fine art so, I decided to be practical and become a graphic designer even though, most classes about design bored me to tears. I resigned myself to my self imposed fate and worked in design for 18 years. Don’t get me wrong I loved SVA. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute. I just don’t think I appreciated how much opportunity there was right under my nose. This time, the story will be different.

Get ready, New York… I’m bringing all I got!



  1. this is one of my new favorites. i am so excited to see the work you do during your residency!

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