Big Bang

Today is my last day home at my studio. Tomorrow, the residency in NYC begins. To prevent my nerves from getting the best of me I started a giant painting. Why you might ask? Because, if I can conquer this giant painting before I leave tomorrow, I can do anything they throw at me in NYC. At least that’s the idea. Working on this giant painting will help my mind from going to the dark places of doubt.  Painting makes everything better for me. What better way to fight back the demons than to paint them away?

In another way, I know that this residency will change the way I look at painting. Bring me into different directions, and help me grow beyond what I’m doing. I know, that today, is the last day I will paint the way I have been painting for the last several years. I have this feeling that a lot will change after this residency is over. This is the last hurrah. Going out with a big bang!

The picture above is the first layer of paint on the canvas. Here we go…



  1. Christine, you’ll do amazing work in NYC and going forward. Just embrace the adventure…looking forward to reading about it all as the summer moves on. Cheers!

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